Bombay Railway

This TV documentary by production company 3di was screened on BBC two in December 2010.

Bombay is a city of 14 million people, 50% of whom live in slums. It will be the largest city on earth by 2020. The Bombay Railway carries 6.5 million passengers a day. It has grown over the years to meet the 10,000 a day migrants that move into the city, looking for their ‘city of dreams’.

Over 6900 people were killed by trains in Bombay in the last two years (2008 and 2009) and the numbers are rising. But the trains and stations provide life and livelihoods for millions everyday. The railway managers make every effort to keep the trains running to time. At peak times, a train will carry over 5000 passengers when it was designed for a capacity of 1500. In 2006, when 200 passengers were killed in a bomb attack, the railways were 100% back on time within 24 hours. In 2007, when a metre of rain fell in one day, it took only 48 hours for the trains to be up and running. This strong sense of purpose in overcoming huge pressures shone through this documentary.


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