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June 21, 2010

Debt management doesn’t put bread on the table

Yesterday’s UK budget promised much in the way of impoverishment but little, or nothing, as to how we are to achieve future prosperity. Without the latter, austerity measures lack purpose or political direction. This is why they have been presented in such technical, pragmatic terms. Unless we know how we are going to create wealth, cuts, however large, have no meaning, but huge personal consequences. It’s no good urging the private sector with calls to step in, take the slack, or similar metaphors, without asking how, with what and with whom this will be done. As our politicians seem to have stopped asking these questions, others will have to do so and explore what could be the future answers.

The search for political and economic answers will be illustrated in this blog with review, comments and proposals for how we can organise land, space and transport in ways to support future prosperity and social progress. No apology is made for concentrating on the here and now for this is where we must start, in order to address today’s problems and find tomorrow’s solutions.